Electronics industry
In Semiconductor Fabs and LCD manufacturing plants, highly toxic and combustible gases such as Silane (SiH4), Arsine (AsH3), Phoshine (PH3) are used. Riken sensing technology allows these gases to be detected at very low ppm levels with stability and reliability. Riken have supplied the Electronics Industry worldwide, with thousands of these detectors to protect workers from potential gas leaks.
Petroleum refinery / Petrochemical
Petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants use and produce a variety of combustible and toxic gases in the production process. It has become popular to install fixed gas detectors at the plant perimeter to monitor gas leaks.
Iron and steel industry
In the iron and steel industry, coke gas, blast furnace gas, and converter gas are produced as a byproduct from the steel production process. These gases contain a huge amount of hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), which is then re-used to generate electricity. Riken gas detectors help workers find potential gas dangers in these hazardous areas.
Constructional industry
In the Construction Industry where people are working in confined space, there is a high possibility of encountering Oxygen Deficiency and Toxic Gases from decomposing organic matter. For example this can be found in underground sites where tunnels are being constructed. To prevent accidents or disasters, Riken personal gas detectors are worn by people working in confined spaces.
Shipping / Shipbuilding industry
Ships carrying crude oil, LNG, LPG…etc have a risk of gas leakage from cargo tanks during transportation. Riken detection technology enables gas leaks to be detected at an early stage, preventing possible explosion and pollution at sea. In addition, Riken portable gas detectors are used for monitoring the ship’s cargo tanks during inerting, the environment for combustible and toxic gases, as well as oxygen deficiency in Confined Spaces.
Research laboratory / University
Various combustible and toxic gases are used in research facilities and universities. Installing Riken fixed gas detectors into each room ensures a safe working environment. Our analyzer, capable of both X-ray (XRD) diffraction & fluorescence X-ray (XRF) analysis in the lab or on-site, has received a high reputation from researchers where removal of historical artifacts is prohibited from a site.
Fire fighter / Emergency rescue
Various kinds of danger exist, side-by-side, at fire or disaster sites, such as explosion from combustible gas, carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning by incomplete combustion, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) poisoning and oxygen deficiency. Riken portable gas detectors that detect up to 4 gases in one instrument are used to detect these gases.
Volcano area / Hot spring
Volcanoes and hot springs emit volcanic gas. Volcanic gas contains toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which are both poisonous to the human body when breathed in. Riken fixed gas detectors can monitor the gas concentration continuously, allowing workers and tourists to be kept away from danger areas.
Aero / Space industry
Two of the constituents of Rocket fuel are Hydrogen (H2), which is highly explosive, and Hydrazine (N2H4), which is highly toxic to humans. Both gases need to be monitored to ensure safety. Riken explosion proof gas detectors are used to monitor these gases.
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