GD 70D


GD 70D evolves from the proven GD K71D through years of services in Semiconductor/Photovoltaic industry. It has years of proven track record in monitoring the toxic gases and combustible gases in the gas storage cabinets, clean room, production tooling, chemical labs and etc.



Communication:   4-20mA DCDC power line/PoE Method

Sampling method:   Sample drawing types (auto-adjustment of flow rate) 0.5 / min +/-10%


  • Large LCD display (white backlight)

  • Gas concentration

  • Flow rate, communication status, Pyrolyzer status, gas detected

  • Error code, content of error

Self diagnostic function: System failure, sensor failure, flow failure, communication error

Data logging: Event history, alarm history, calibration history. Alarm trend (180 sec before / after 1st alarm)

Operation temp. & humidity: 0 ~ 40ºC, 30 ~ 70% RH (non-condensing)

Operating settings: All operational settings are user adjustable through front panel

Power requirements: DC 24V+/- 10%, approx 1.5W (Max 4W including sensor unit) Note: Approx. 2.5W (Max 5W) with SGU sensor unitPoE standard arrangement

Dimensions: 2.8”W x 4.7”H x 5.9”D (70W x 120H x 150Dmm)

Weight Approx:  0.9kg (2.0lbs), including sensor unit

SD 1 Series











SD 2500/2600

SD 1 series diffusion/aspiration type gas detector is designed for mission critical application in harsh environment such as petrochemical refineries, crude oil terminal, power generation, chemical plant and etc. Once installed and commissioned, the detectors required very minimal maintenance other than periodic calibration.


Wide range of detectable gases:

% LEL Combustibles, catalytic                       (Model: SD 1GP)

% LEL Combustibles, IR                                  (Model: SD 1RI)

Dual range combustible %LEL/PPM             (Model SD 1NCW)

H2S & CO (Model: SD 1EC), O2                       (Model: SD 1OX)

Ammonia & Benzene                                      (Model: SD 1GH)

Sensor types include:

Catalytic, Galvanic Cell, MOS, IR, & Electrochemical, New Ceramic

Direct digital display of gas readings

Communication: 4-20mA HARTor 4-20mA linear output

Approval: ATEX, IECEx, ExdIICT5, available with SIL2 approval (IR, EC, OX versions)

Easy maintenance using a magnetic key

Self-diagnosis by microprocessor

Low power operation (Maximum: 3W) 

Explosion proof: ATEX, IECEx, ExdIICT5

SD 1 Series also comes with flange mounting configuration for some specific high temperature gas monitoring application



SD 3 Series


The SD-3 series is an explosion-proof stationary gas detector for continuous monitoring of flammable gas, toxic gas, and oxygen in the atmosphere. Detected gas concentration information can transfer utilizing 4-20mA with HART. In addition, Modbus (RS-485) communication and 3 relay points allows the flexible and seamless integration.

Explosion proof robust structure (housing material: stainless steel, protection class IP66 / 67) allows a wide temperature range of -40 to + 70℃ (depends on a type of sensor). An extensive range of optional accessories; Protective cover, splash guard, filters, etc. Various mounting method such as wall mount, pole mount and duct mount etc. are available with diffusion type, suction type, remote type, duct mount type suit for different environments and applications.

New cutting edge smart sensor “F Sensor” comes with 3 year warranty. F sensor equipped with self-diagnosis feature which provides sensor degradation information as well as remaining sensor life time level. The culmination of 80 years of sensor technology resulting the high performance and reliability.


・Next generation high performance sensor "F Sensor Series"
 is installed, greatly improving both functions and
・Complies with different global standards (including planned
・Wide range of output options.
・Rugged housing construction allows use even in harsh
・Wide range of types to suit a variety of uses and installation

D58 Series


The Riken Keiki D-58 Series are ATEX Combustible Gas Detectors with sample drawing capability. They have exceptional performance, flexibility, and versatility. The D58 series has an array of sensor technologies that are unmatched in the industry. Users have many combustible gas options that can be specified  including Hydrogen .

The D58 Series has a long life high capacity pump for sample draw applications . The Detectors are Explosion Proof as well as being ATEX compliant for Zoned applications.


The SD-D58 Intelligent Detector Head is used as a stand-alone device as well as offering a 4-20mA link to existing PLC and building management systems.  The GD-D58 is a direct connect sensor head for use with Riken  single ( RM-6000)  as well as multi-channel (RM-5000) controllers.

D58 has been widely used in marine market, petrochemical refineries and any application involves high temperature gas monitoring or inaccessible for periodic calibration.


Long Life Sensors and Pump

Explosion proof ( ATEX Compliant )

Can detect many Combustible Gases including Hydrogen

Plug in sensor replacement easy maintenance .

Wide operating temperature range

Standalone or connect to single or multi-channel monitor panel





EC/GM/RI/OX 600 Series



The Riken Keiki EC/GM/RI/OX-600 is an indoor stand-alone O2, CO, CO2, EO gas detector. This detector is commonly used in the buildings close to petrochemical refinery, chemical refinery or any buildings with the concern of toxic gas leaking into the air conditioning space or depletion of O2.



The LCD screen changes colour at each alarm level and the Unit comes with preset alarms set to High and High High. Users can program their own alarm levels if desired access relay outputs for 1st and 2nd alarms in addition to a 4-20mA output. These features allow customers to connect optional external accessories such as such as additional sounders and beacons or building management system.

Optional extras that include a Battery backed UPS ( BATPSU-600-X-24VDC) and additional sounder beacon(s) (SB-600-24VDC ) are available.


The Instrument comes ready to operate with a 24 VDC Power supply.  An optional 240VAC Main adapter is also available.