GD A80/GD A80V


GD A80 Series detector head provides a basic combustible/toxic gas detection. The sensors are of catalytic, new ceramic and semiconductor type which are known for durability and reliability. The detector heads need to be installed together with gas indicator such as RM 5000 series and RM 6000 series.

GD A80 detector head can be installed in harsh environment which is common for hazardous zone.

Model: GD-A80, GD-A80V, GD-A80S, GD-A80N, GD-A80-70

Gas to be detected: Combustible-, Toxic-, Inert gases

Detection range:nDiffusion type

Power supply: From RM 5000 or RM 6000 Series indicator

Operating temperature-20°C ... +53°C

Operating humidityBelow 95%RH

StructureWall mounting type

Dimensions78 (w) x 154 (H) x 105 (D)

WeightApprox. 1.0kg

Approval ATEX, IECEx, CE, TIIS