Oil & Fat Production

Malaysia is a major palm oil producer in South East Asia. Palm oil and palm kernel oil based ingredients are found in most of the products on supermarket shelves either on the food product aisle or general household products such as soap and detergent. There is a complete ecosystem of oil and fat production in Malaysia which have some common hazardous gas such as natural gas, hydrogen, ammonia, carbon monoxide and dioxide.

Natural gas CH4 is widely use as a common fuel for heating process. Due to the nature of palm oil which will solidify or become waxy if the liquid does not maintain above certain process temperature. Although most of the natural gas pipes are installed in the outdoor environment, any leakages will create issue for regulatory compliance and create safety hazard.

According to US Environmental Protection Agency, CH4 is an efficient Green House Gas (GHA) that traps radiation in comparison with CO2. Pound for pound the comparative impact of CH4 is 25 times greater than CO2 over 100 years of period.


CH4 can pose safety hazard when the atmospheric pressure create a combustible gas cloud from the leakages of CH4. The combustible gas cloud is invisible and odorless.