28th August 2021
With the Covid 19 pandemic still looming in Malaysia, Our team members remain working from home.

Should you have any enquiry please do email to info@rikenkeiki.com.my
You have our promise for prompt responses. 

Alternatively, you can still try call   +603-6206 2881 


Industries Served

Unexpected releases of toxic, reactive, or flammable liquids and gases in processes involving highly hazardous chemicals have been reported for many years. Incidents continue to occur in various industries that use highly hazardous chemicals which may be toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive, or may exhibit a combination of these properties.


We have the technology, people and know how to assist you in compliance with Process Safety Management (PSM) standard.

About Riken Keiki Malaysia

Since Riken Keiki Co. Ltd. was founded in the year of 1939 in Japan, our comprehensive product portfolio of gas detection and monitoring equipment have well served various market segments worldwide by preventing industrial disasters caused by combustible and toxic gases.